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About Varied / Student Lady Gloor di Mango26/Female/Netherlands Groups :icontwewy-oc: TWEWY-OC
~ThE WoRlD eNdS wItH yOuR OC~
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Photobucket:iconsaysplz: Hey there! Come right in!

These are my drawings, created by me, it contains Original characters mostly, and less fanart.
'Nuff said, now where's my sandwich?
Warning: This Gallery is not recommended for woman with a faint heart, this gallery has Mild Yuri/Yaoi, VERY sexy boys, and shounen-ai, neither is it recommended for men with a faint heart, and art thieves.


Art doesn't mean it always has to be made by a proffessional, it's about the effort and love put into a simple drawing.
I think like that, unlike certain people.
Relax and look at this good stuff!


Birthday Shincus by MangoGloor
Birthday Shincus
Drew this in a few hours, it turned out good eventually! I like it haha...
it's a crack ship of owari no Seraph, something for my dear Parachute. I really had to force myself to draw, and I was impressed that I still could....
I've been feeling better lately now, there was just a lot of personal shit going around, but it's all falling into place and easing me up more, I've been drawing a bit by bit...the last time I forced myself to draw a birthday picture out of panic of not finnishing a costume...and it came out I am starting to regain confidence in it :) and there are some new projects comming along, so stay tuned for it! (Don't worry about The scream, it's not forgotten. )
Sorry for the lack of me, going trough some time where I feel like poop....
Ffth by MangoGloor
(Keeping original title. Yolo) 

Didn't finnish this in the end. It was for an animation project on facebook, kind of like a maps....thing? but in the end I actually got demotivated and I decided to quit. And I realised I work better on projects with my friends. I dunno I didn't feel appreciated with these people. It's okay that I work for free, but I like a little appreciation instead of only fulfilling their 'shipping' and fangirl wishes but not feeling that love back.
That and around this time I felt demotivated....heck I considered stopping my comic even, because I just felt horribly depressed? many factors....I am slowly getting over the changes now.

Don't worry about the appreciation, I know that some of you really appreciate my art, and it makes me soooo happy. And I know that some of you perhaps don't, but still make me believe it..... I don't know I am having a hard time coping.
But I am not dropping the comic. I just need time to adjust....

After the comic I will continue other small project and my solo projects with help. 

I gues I am make a change for myself, since I am happy I graduated, but I am unhappy about 'certain' things. And I am trying to .....get away from certain things that just triggers this depressing feeling each time......

Perhaps someday I'll talk about it....

But check these fanfics out <3… they are written by someone very dear and close to me, she is an amazing person, and I love her dearly.....same with my Lizbutt <3...these kind of things still brighten my much...
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  • Drinking: Tea
This time by YaminaYugineAtema lol

So Nicolas or Angelo hmm.....I do both since I count them as 1 OC lol.


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

1. Nicolas and Angelos are identical twins, Angelo is the one wanting to stand out more.

2. Nicolas and Angelo are very fond of their mother, however their mother is a slightly bit more fond of Nicolas, whenever they were little she would often confuse Angelo for Nicolas. Which of course hurted Angelo a lot.

3. Nicolas is very mean, and selfcentered, he confuses his obsession for his brother for love. Angelo is more calm, he is actually very nice when not around his twin brother. He is too afraid to stand up for himself, or be against his brother.

4. Angelo would marry George in the future ( Libbit 's OC) and they will have pretty children.

5. Nicolas doesn't take it well when his brother turns against him at some point. He is quite a drama queen.

6. Even if they are twins, Angelo is slightly taller. Out of the two, Nicolas is the eldest. 
Nicolas also has a beautymark on his left cheek. Angelo does not have this.

7. Their magical forms are pirates, but Angelo has the gracefull outfit with more white, and Nicolas has a fabulous outfit with more black. Kind of already hinting who is the good twin and who is the bad one.

8. Problems asides, Angelo does worries about his brother later on, not only because of his behavior, but also because he is his family and he only wants his brother to see that his bad behavior is unaccaptable. But they will be great brothers and friends eventually.

Tag yourself, or throw your 8 OC facts at me in the comment section :)


MangoGloor's Profile Picture
Lady Gloor di Mango
Artist | Student | Varied
An Ordinairy girl living in this ordinairy world, lazy as hell, and always behind the computer, hoping to get sucked into the digital world.

When I make art, I make it Perfect not just for my own selfish enjoyment, my art is for the amusement of people, I barely make fan-art, why? Because I don't want people to come here and give me love because I made them awesome fan-art o_O no. I want my original work to be apreciated.
And if you think I am being high of myself, then bitch plz, work on your self esteem. At least I am being proud.

I can speak: Spanish, Dutch, English and French.

:heart:I love: My family, my sweetheart, my friends, my animals, my characters, my style, and myself.:heart:

I like: Yaoi, drawing, artbooks, animals, wikipedia, anime, manga, games, sleeping, school, spending time with friends, asian food(noodles, bapao, loempias etc.), coca cola, hotdogs, awesome OC's, BISHOUNEN!, FF9, Kuja, BL games, Vocaloids, classic Music, originality, all the final fantasy games, talking, laughing, screaming, RP, singing, cheering up, being funny, doing weird things, sitting on my roof, christmas, Italie, Spain, Media Interaction, comics, HVA, Creativity, marvel comics, Disney, dancing, yuri, fashion (a bit), inventing stories, working in flash, mpreg, making concepts, storyboards, art, photos, listenning to music, and..did I say sleeping? ;D

I hate: Artthiefs, ideastealers/killers, tracers, copycats(INVENT YOUR OWN THING!!), dramaqueens, stalkers(Hi thar girl, no touchy my ideas, bye sad pig ;D), spammers, n00bs, hypocrites, liars, bullies, jealouse people, backstabbers, beeyotches, Anti-gay/Les people, wasting time, mary/gary sues, idiots, animal abusers, peeps with no life, attention askers, show offs, depression, certain people, people who insult others because of jealousy, peeps who fave only fan-art, peeps who DRAW only fan-art for views, pathetic people, slimeballs, tag-along brainless people, twilight, ironic, cliche, godmodders, suicide people, people who think they're possesed (Seriously, I knew one, she was maaad o_O) spiders, bees, rudeness, time, people who wants to be popular badly, people who are like " I am so cute kawaii desu pls don't hurt me desuuuu I did nothing wrong! ;.;", beans, dumb fans, lover-boys, wannabee Japanese people -.-;, overrated stuff.

I especially hate: Just one thing (lol thing, because I find it hard to believe it's a human xD) my stalker : D and her bunch of kindergarten friends, but maybe I should love them for thinking so much about me :'D obsessions~!
Thanks for visiting my page, starukuruuuuuuu~!

For my serious art account go to :icongloryness:


~*I wasn't born with talent, I worked hard to get this far...*~
Kind regards,
Gloria Stefany Silva Trigueros

Current Residence: North-Holland, yo, where airplanes fly <3
Favourite style of art: Simple but Beautifull.
Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimatium : D
MP3 player of choice: ITunes!
Skin of choice: Wut, U going racist on me?!
Personal Quote: Be true to yourself, only then you're worth.

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PrincessCurrent Featured By Owner Edited Jun 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
i got your art trade done!
Joanne-Egbert Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Your Undertale/Swap art gives me so much life, and is basically my headcanon for Napstabot and Metta, save for a couple things. Q0Q
MangoGloor Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016  Student General Artist
Oh my haha I am happy to hear that! 
Yes in my headcanon for underswap, Metta is everything for Napstabot, they mean the whole world for him. 
Most couple thing is fanservice, haha, I secretly ship it, but it's like, not canon in my AU. haha. xD It's just about a VERY strong family bond! <3
Joanne-Egbert Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I really love your design even if I don't use or envision it that much! Ahhhggh,, you inspire me and I hope I can draw like this soon. q0q 
Yeah, I really ship a lot of people (even from different fandoms!) with Nap. I roleplay him all the time and my partner is an amazing Metta. qwq
MegaMaeve Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016
Thank you for the Watch~ :D I really appreciate it!
PinkGoku Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Student Digital Artist
h ey, h i !!!
its me !! that one piece of garbage, you know the one !!
hu, so, apparently you found me on dA, and, hu, i found you back i guess ?? not sure how but ok
so, hu, i found this page and the fi rst thing i tried to do is, hu, draw the trash prince of bel air on it ??

im awful.... . . . . . .
also fUCK muro its full of lag and cant handle my drawing speed, so grumpy cat didnt turn out even half decent ;; i proMISE ILL DRAW HIM BETTER !! just u wait !! ill, hu, MAKE UP FOR IT i promise
MangoGloor Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016  Student General Artist
Omfg hahaha he looks adorable! xD Don't be so hard on yourself! 

And Yaaay I am glad we found each other ^^ I know exactly who you are, hurhurrr <3
Haha your messages always seem to brighten my days! 
landobaldur Featured By Owner May 30, 2016  Professional General Artist
greetings from one creative mind to another
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You're welcome dear! 
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